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Cut us, we bleed ink. Panic is not our scene. There are photos of our owner dancing with Britney Spears in Las Vegas. Some say he is obsessed by baseball, but they say it like it was a bad thing. Most of all, we love to help companies use our talent in design, print and logistics.

We have over 30 years experience in design, print and logistics. And yes, the rumours are true, our owner is a trade qualified printer. We have been of service to a number of high profile corporate clients which involved complex implementation and ongoing management. We have strong project management skills. Superior end-to-end solution experiences for our clients – this is our kung fu.

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Monkey Wrench Studios was a vision realised in 2002. That vision was to become a dynamic design, print and logistics company. Our focus is to leverage off the experience of it’s people to create a scalable, end-to-end solution that drives complete customer satisfaction – from idea to destination.

Monkey Wrench Studios understands the requirements of organisations today and tailors a client specific service solution. These solutions are underpinned by specialists in the field, to assist clients in achieving the optimal outcome in all their design, print and logistics needs, and to ensure a customer service experience that is unsurpassed.

A design, print and logistics solution is only as good as the people who implement and interact with the key stakeholders within an organisation. Monkey Wrench Studios has the strategies to streamline tasks that affect your valuable resources – time and money. We have not lost sight of the importance of gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients.