Our Technology

Our new monkey in the cage, the Ricoh Pro C7200

The Ricoh Pro 7200 production press produces repeatable colour output with a look and feel that is comparable to offset – with no compromise on quality. With a maximum sheet size of 330mm x 650mm, A4 6 page brochures are now an affordable option in small runs.

Whether it’s a clear varnish to accentuate designs, white as an undercoat or a security code that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, add impact to your offerings. Ricoh’s fifth colour range now includes white, clear, silver, gold, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red.

  • Fifth colour adds impact, appeal and value to you design.
  • Use a clear varnish to add a watermark or accentuate a graphic design.
  • Print a white background directly on coloured and translucent media.
  • Add luxury with silver and gold.
  • Invisible red toner can be used for entry level security print applications such as ticketing.
  • White + CMYK can be printed in a single pass enhancing impact on coloured media.
  • By adding neon colours, we can extend the colour gamut further, to support meeting brand colour requirements.